BakFlip RollBak G2

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The RollBAK® Generation 2 (G2) Tonneau Cover a 100% Powder Coated Aluminum Hard, Retractable, tonneau cover that gives you instant access to your truck bed and cargo without ever removing the cover. Better yet, this cover does not interfere with stake hole pockets, so you can keep those tubular bed rails without having to remove them. You can even use this cover with your existing ladder rack and your tie downs. This cover is level with the truck bed, so you maintain your truck's original sleek profile.

The RollBAK G2 is almost 100% maintenance free and glides with ease. It is a COMPLETELY NEW design with far fewer moving components and state of the art, professional grade finishes throughout! This RollBAK is super easy to install. It’s pretty much completely assembled and set at factory level. Even the components like locks, spring tension and rails are all ready to go and assembled right out of the box. If you haven’t seen the new RollBak G2 yet, get ready to be impressed!

This revolutionary design is truly "Armor for Truck Beds" and is built to outlast your truck! This cover turns your truck bed into a secure armored trunk. If you are looking for an extremely tough, good-looking, secure truck bed cover that is amazingly versatile, then keep reading!

Want to see the cover up close and personal? Just click here to view a short Installation/Operating Instructions Video that shows you how easy it is to install the tonneau cover! It also gives you great pictures of the hardware all along the way?so Tune i