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The Max Seal keeps dust, rain and snow out of your truck bed. This tailgate seal is made of all-weather grade, UV, gas and oil resistant EPDM industrial high-strength rubber.

The universal length will fit all makes and models of trucks and can be used with tops, lids or any brand of tonneau cover. 

Easy, do-it-yourself installation can be completed in mere minutes: just peel, cut and stick!


Tonno Tonic

Cargo Cleats

The B-Light kit contains 8 high intensity LED units with six bulbs each and is compatible with all makes and models of pickup trucks.

Illuminate the entire bed using one control switch for this high-power lighting system. It works with all soft and hard tonneaus using strategic under-rail placement to keep the lights protected from shifting cargo.

The industry’s first powerful UV protectant specifically formulated for vinyl truck bed covers, Tonno Tonic beautifies, cleans and protects all in one easy step.

Using the most effective UV screening formula, Tonno Tonic has been tested and approved by Extang as 100% safe for all vinyl tonneau materials. It’s a must have for protecting your tonneau against harsh weather conditions.

To use, spray onto a clean tonneau. Wipe surface with a clean towel until completely dry. Tonno Tonic will not harm painted surfaces.

For tires, spray on, wait five minutes, and wipe until dry. Tonno Tonic will not harm wheels.

Cargo Cleats quickly clamp to most any location on the side of your truck bed for the optimal tie down location, without any stake or holes needed for installation!

Sold in pairs, the versatile Cargo Cleats provide quick and easy tie-down for use with rope, hooks, stretch cords or ratchets. Utilizing the time tested nautical cleat, they can be placed on all full size trucks with most Extang tonneaus installed

E-Light 500

The e-LIGHT 500 is an all-new revolutionary lighting system that fully illuminates the entire bed of your truck with ease. 

Universal in nature, the e-LIGHT 500 has been designed to work from any location inside the truck bed, and can be recharged on the go.